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Finding the Best Homes for Sale in Wheatland WY

Are you looking to relocate? Homes for sale in Wheatland, WY offer great value, and a chance to live in a lovely part of the country.

All about Wheatland, WY

If you are looking at Wheatland, WY homes for sale and you are planning to relocate, you may want to know more about the town and its surrounding area.

Wheatland is the seat of Platte County and the largest town in the county. It is a town filled with farms and ranches, great fishing sites, and an active population spearheading many community events and groups.

There are about 3600 people living in Wheatland, and houses hold a good value with a median of $84,300 according to 2000 statistics. Wheatland is under 70 miles from Cheyenne, and 160 miles from Denver, Colorado, so if you want to get out to a bigger city it is not a long drive.

The cost of living in Wheatland is lower than the average for the rest of the country, and the unemployment rate is lower as well. This is a prosperous town, with small town friendliness and big city amenities.

Finding Wheatland, WY Homes for Sale

There are many approaches to finding Wheatland homes for sale. If you live near the area, you can drop by a realtor’s office to check out listings, drive around town, and look at the for sale signs. Alternatively, you could grab a newspaper or magazine that has real estate listings inside.

If you live out of town, you will not be able to check out Wheatland in person, which is where a great realtor can be particularly helpful. Online real estate listings are a good place to start, and if you see something you like, a Wheatland realtor can set up a day for you to tour all of the houses you are interested in, making the most out of your trip worthwhile.

Whether you are local and looking to buy your first or second home, we are happy to help you find the best Wheatland, WY homes for sale! Rustic Wyoming Realty is here to help you find your dream home.

Making Your Home Wish List

One of the key parts of finding the best homes for sale in Wheatland is to determine what, exactly, you are looking for in a home. While your budget will inform what you can afford, you can always start with the home of your dreams on paper.

Make a wish list that includes everything you want in your house. This can include features like how many bathrooms and bedrooms there are, how much land the home sits on, its proximity to town, seclusion in the country, a move-in ready home or a fixer upper, and as many more factors as you decide. Write it all down!

Next, prioritize your wish list. If you do not want to do any handiwork, a move-in ready home should be near the top of your list. If your family is big enough to require three bedrooms, you will want to prioritize that, instead of settling for a home with a smaller space.

By prioritizing your list, you will be able to narrow down your options more readily when you start searching for properties and examining them.

When you know what you want, share the details with our team and we will begin to work on creating a list of homes that will suit your needs and wants.

Our expert team at Rustic Wyoming Realty wants to hear from you. Your perfect home is somewhere in Wheatland, and we want to help you find it!

History on Wheatland, WY

The town of Wheatland, Wyoming has an interesting history, and by all accounts, probably should not have been as big of a town as it currently is. This is because before the late 19th century, the landscape was very arid, and almost desert-like. In those times, people did not move to areas where they could not grow crops, because they depended on that to survive. It seemed that the area was destined to be remote and unpopulated. However, in 1883 residents formed the Wyoming Development Company which wanted to irrigate the area and then profit from selling the land to potential farmers and ranchers. By the fall of that year, the company constructed an irrigation system which included an almost half a mile-long tunnel from Bluegrass Creek. This started to make the land more fertile. In 1887, the Cheyenne and Northern Railway came to town. Farmers came from all over and bought land through auction to take advantage of the new soil. This caused the population of the region to explode to over 5000 residents. To this day, the Wheatland Irrigation District is the largest privately owned irrigation system in the United States.

These days, Wheatland is home to the Platte County Fair and Rodeo. In Wyoming, and more specifically the area around Cheyenne, rodeo is an extremely popular sporting event. The fair is held during the last week of July or the second week in August, on a yearly basis, and is wildly popular with the residents. There are both livestock and non-livestock events held during the fair, and various murals can be seen depicting the fair over the years and how it has grown. Furthermore, there is a pig wrestling event that is second only to the rodeo itself in terms of popularity.

Another interesting fact of Wheatland is that the model for the picture on the license plate for Wyoming is housed there. The horse’s name was Steamboat. The image dates to as far as 1918, and is used for not only the license plate, but also as the image on the state’s quarter, and as the logo for the University of Wyoming. It is believed that Clayton Danks is the rider depicted in the image, as he rode Steamboat in the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo in 1909.