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Guernsey, WY homes for sale

Living in Wyoming or relocating here is an experience like no other. If you love the feel of a small town, then you will love looking for homes for sale in Guernsey, WY. There are plenty of small towns in Wyoming, and living in a place where so much history is recalled is truly special.

Guernsey is not far from Fort Laramie, which began as a private fur-trading fort in the 1830s, and then was transformed into a military post on the Northern Plains as pioneers made their way west. Just a short ride away are the towns of Casper and Cheyenne if you are looking for a real Old West atmosphere.

If you want to make your home here, a professional is the best guide to the most suitable homes for sale in Guernsey, WY. Small towns offer so much more than living in large metropolitan areas. When you step outside at night, for example, you can see the stars in all their glory. Listen to the sounds of the wind or watch the sun sink below the horizon. You can do that wherever you are living in Guernsey.

If you are looking for a single-family home, there are plenty of those available. Many homes feature 2 or more bedrooms, three baths, two-car garages, woodstoves or fireplaces, and, depending on where you want to live, you can be on less than an acre or on over 75 acres. Taxes are low, homes offer many amenities, and prices are too good to pass up.

If you love rolling hills where you can have a traditional ranch home with your horse farm, you will find your perfect dream in Guernsey. Many Guernsey homes for sale offer the potential for additional grazing or the purchase of outcroppings. You will be pleasantly surprised at all you find in such a small town.

Homes in town offer beautiful interiors with modern kitchens, renovated flooring, spacious rooms, and plenty of storage for toys, sports equipment, or anything else. Living in rural Wyoming does not mean you leave all of life’s comforts behind, either. Decks for outdoor fun, sprinklers to keep your grass green, landscaped properties, kitchens that feature islands and upgraded appliances are all here for those looking for homes for sale in Guernsey.

Homes a little further away from the center of town offer you lots of space to roam. Foothills are close by, with rolling, rugged land to explore. You can keep your horses, cattle, yearlings, or plant some native hay for harvesting. In addition to your home, which can feature plenty of beds and baths, you will find utility sheds, corrals, barns and more. This is the place where the deer and the antelope play; with a home with a great view, you are sure to see them all the time.

When you are ready to go looking for homes for sale in Guernsey, do so with a real estate expert like Rustic Wyoming Realty. They can guide you to properties you did not even know were for sale. Because they work for you, they know your needs and desires for finding that perfect place in a little corner of Wyoming that you can call home.

Plenty of History in Guernsey

The historic town of Guernsey, Wyoming is in Platte County, along the banks of the North Platte River. Prior to being recognized as a town, the area was known to locals as the place to go to wash their clothes, their stock, and themselves in the nearby river. In 1880, Charles Guernsey moved to the area from New York. Guernsey was a legislator, rancher, and promoter of the mining industry. He was also one of the catalysts in creating the Guernsey Dam, which is why both the town and the dam were named after him. The town is also located directly on the path of the Oregon Trail, remnants of which can be seen to this day. The town was officially founded in 1902, thanks to the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy Railroad.

Perhaps the most famous place to visit in Guernsey is the Oregon Trail Ruts, located just outside of town. Declared a National Historic Landmark in 1966, the Ruts are a path that have been carved into the sandstone through heavy use of wagon wheels, animals, and foot traffic of people following along the Oregon Trail from 1812 to around 1869. The Union Pacific Railroad made walking the trail unnecessary, which diminished traffic through the area severely. However, the path is still seen to this day as it is perfectly preserved in the sandstone. The Oregon Trail Ruts are located within Guernsey State Park.

Guernsey State Park contains both the Oregon Trail Ruts, and also the Guernsey Reservoir, thanks to the Guernsey Dam. The state park became a National Landmark in 1997. Visitors can come and camp, boat, and fish the reservoir’s waters, or hike along the many paths. There is also the site known as Register Cliff, which was a key navigational landmark along the Oregon Trail where people would carve the names of their families into the sandstone. It was an important site, because it let travelers know that they were on the right path, and were not heading into the impassable mountains.