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Carpenter WY Homes for Sale

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Homes For Sale in Carpenter, Wyoming

Where do you go when you are looking for Carpenter, WY homes for sale? One of the first places to check out should be Rustic Wyoming Realty, located in the city of Cheyenne. We are part of a network of 500 offices under the umbrella of United Country Real Estate, a nationwide realty that has been in the business 25 years. Rustic Wyoming Realty enjoys the support of a major realtor that specializes in rural properties, while still offering a personal touch, as well as local knowledge.

Our Cheyenne office is less than 30 miles from Carpenter, so you can be sure that our realtors are familiar with the area and the people who live there.

As is typical of Wyoming, Carpenter generally experiences cold winters and hot summers. Temperatures range between 13°F in January to the mid-80s° F in July. It is fairly windy as well. Flat prairie surrounds the 260 hectares that make up Carpenter, but the air is clean and the skies are usually sunny.

Don’s miss your Opportunity to Buy

With only 47 properties in Carpenter, you can appreciate there is not always a lot of movement in the market. Still, when Carpenter, WY homes for sale come up, there are some great investments to be made. Wyoming has the cheapest taxes of all the states. Residents do not pay income tax, and a typical property tax in Carpenter is under $1000 a year. The real estate transaction is not taxed either.

Even home insurance premiums are among the lowest in the country. There are no natural disasters, such as tornadoes and earthquakes, in Wyoming. h3 winds and a bit of snow is the worst nature can throw at you in Carpenter.

Be sure to get your money’s worth

So, what can you expect to get for your money in Carpenter? Are you looking to settle there, or are you just looking to invest in a vacation home where you can live the cowboy life on weekends?

For $250,000-350,000 you can typically buy yourself a ranch-style family home with a wood siding exterior construction. You would get plenty of fenced land, plus outbuildings as well, within this price range. There is no need to tie yourself down to the same space restrictions you would find in the city. These ranches are usually built with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, and are all a spacious size. You can expect to spend around $100 per square foot, with, of course, maybe 30 – 40 acres of land thrown in as well.

The median value of Carpenter WY homes for sale is $222,042, as of 2016. This value, according to, has increased 20.1% over the year.

A more modest price of under $150,000 would still buy you a cozy single family home with three bedrooms off Main Avenue. No sweeping prairie plains perhaps, but containing an ample, fenced corner lot with outbuildings.

There is no doubt that when they do come on the market, Carpenter, WY homes for sale usually present a great investment opportunity. There are ranches with thousands of acres of fenced farmland. Here, you can indulge your cowboy aspirations or settle down for retirement with your very own dream home on the prairie. Just imagine sitting on your porch under sunny blue skies, enjoying a beautiful scenic view of rolling hills and grasslands.

Embrace Carpenter’s History

The unincorporated community of Carpenter, Wyoming is located east of Cheyenne, in Laramie County. This southeastern town has a rich history of agriculture and railroading. Though it is unincorporated, there is still a post office in Carpenter that was founded back in 1907, the same year as the area was formed.

In 1907, Carpenter was founded with just 15 residents as a stop along the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy Railroad. The railway ran from Hereford, Colorado into Cheyenne, though it is now defunct. Thanks to the rail stop, the population grew from 15 to 50 in three short years. The town was named after J. Ross Carpenter, a local celebrity who was born there. Carpenter would later become president of The Federal Land Company which was responsible for opening up roughly 140,000 acres of land to the settlers coming to Wyoming. He later became a Wyoming District Judge, and was very popular in the community and the surrounding area.

Rustic Wyoming Realty can help you achieve your dreams, as we have built up a h3 cache of local knowledge to help you with your buying decision. We know the local community well. We understand the bond that exists there, based on the American fundamentals of church, family, and country.

Buying a property can be a complex, mentally draining process. Let Rustic Wyoming Realty simplify it and make your journey of purchasing one of Carpenter’s homes for sale a real joy instead.